Chris Standring is an established Jazz guitarist, UK born and currently based in LA, he has been writing and performing music for more than three decades.

In 2016, he headlined ‘Jazz on the Beach’ St Lucia, which led to the idea of delivering an ambitious project that involved the recording of a live album in London (March 5th 2017), less than 12 months since the idea was conceived.

What started as an idea hatched in a bar in St Lucia, became the result of a great collaboration of creative and business minds, coming together to produce a unique listening experience.

In a UK first, the audience were able to listen to the concert through industry-leading  Sennheiser headphones, coupling the excitement, passion and unpredictability of a live performance with superior, studio-quality sound.  In addition the full concert was captured in High Definition film using 10 cameras.

Special guest on the night was Mica Paris, one of the UK’s finest female singers with a career full of Top 10 hit singles and albums. Mica is an incredible live performer and has collaborated with respected artists such as David Gilmour, Prince and Jools Holland. During the concert, Mica sang special arrangements of “My One Temptation” and “I Put a Spell On You”.

Following in the footsteps of Grammy-Award winning US fusion band Snarky Puppy, whose recent album We Like It Here was recorded with a live audience, Standring was accompanied by a full band and a string octet. Standring created new arrangements for all of the music performed on the night.

Nigel Williams of Jazz FM (media partners for the event) said:

“As someone who has been listening to great jazz artists for decades, when I heard Chris play live, I felt that his music would translate beautifully to CD but that there was an edge to the sound that can only really be captured live. This event offers the best of both worlds and is a great way of embracing both the traditional concert-going experience and advances in the way we can listen to music.”


Executive Producer and Promotor for the live recording concert and marketing of the album in a profit-sharing arrangement.