Lateralize currently manage the musical development of Drou, showing that even for mature artists, you can develop and reach your un-fulfilled potential. Lateralize has arranged collaborations with producers, vocal coaches and industry professionals in composing new musical accompaniments to jazz greats in addition to recording original  material. This is a unique and exciting project, fusing jazz music with rhythms and chords taken from Eastern influences and instruments Drou’s unique and eclectic sound takes the jazz genre into new territory and gives audiences a new musical experience.

Born in London to Greek Cypriot parents, Drou has always maintained strong ties and affinity to her Cypriot heritage and culture.  She embraces and celebrates this duality in her musical style and vocal agility, in blending the soulful sounds of jazz and soul with enchanting eastern melodic influences.  This creates an exciting blend of musical interpretations that turn much loved classics into unique creations.

Drou has collaborated with producers and musicians, becoming renowned for her vocal ability and commissions to support other artists. She has also been voice behind multiple advertisements for English, Greek and French television.


Music management and development