Lateralize has been researching the viability of establishing a Soul and Jazz Festival in India.

Using the format of the largest UK Jazz and Soul outdoor festival, ‘Love Supreme’, Lateralize is currently working on a phased plan to establish an Indian Soul and Jazz Festival.

The initial analysis of the Indian music sector provided details of international artists that have performed in India from 1995-2016, top music festivals, venue sizes and ticket pricing, marketing and promotional techniques used. This analysis highlighted the lack of suitable music venues in India –  largely due to the fact that land and venues are controlled by a small number of businesses/families.

The demand for live international artists and festivals in India was validated and with a growing middle-class in India, the three  primary cities in India (Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore) are core to the Soul and Jazz genre, targeted towards the age range 28-55 yrs. Across the three cities, the population is approx. 60M (2016), with 50% being aged 25yrs or below.

In terms of how Indians consume music, analysis showed that only one international (English) radio station exists in India (RadioOne), and most Indians consume music via YouTube (130M viewers), downloading (via download stores) and streaming. Mobile platforms form the largest source of consumption with some 600M+ mobiles in India and the large roll-out of 4G , mobiles are the primary source of consumption.