Today, Tony Momrelle is one of the UK’s most significant and exciting soulful singer-songwriters. Tony is an effortlessly talented artist, who comes from a family upbringing steeped in music and entertainment. He started studying music from the age of 8 and embraced gospel music through regular church attendance. At age 13, he switched to part-time rapping with a local hip-hop group and five years’ later, in 1991, would come to meet global superstar, Gloria Estefan.

Since then he’s been touring with some of the best live musicians. His association with Estefan has been  impressively followed by work for Whitney Houston, Sir Elton John, Take That and most recently Sade. He has recorded with urban gospel group, Seven, and released two solo-artist albums – the first, ‘Freetime’, appeared on Art & Soul in 1999; the second, ‘Message In The Music’, was released  10 years later.

Tony Momrelle, whose mother is from Jamaica and father from St Lucia, may have his musical roots in the Islands, however as a child he was brought-up in London. The church he used to go to in Vauxhall, London had several programmes to help the homeless and as a teenager, Tony remembers helping to feed the homeless under Waterloo Bridge. As a musician, he has strived to write about the issue of homelessness and in his song – “Different Streets”, Tony writes about a homeless girl of age seven living in the next street of an affluent family.

The “Different Streets Campaign” aims to raise awareness and develop projects related to homelessness and musicians, providing a step-up not a handout. The campaign will raise funds, find musical talent on those “Different Streets” and provide a support network for those that want to be helped and then give back to the community.


Executive Producer for creation of the Different Streets Campaign.